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Nordic Geothermal is a UK company providing our Maas Wärmepumpe and Maas HVAC High-efficiency Space and Hot Water Heating Products to the European and Middle Eastern markets.


Please accept our apologies if you encounter any problems when visiting our web-site as it is currently in the process of a live re-build. Please do feel free to e-mail us and let us know if you discover any problem.


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Air to Water                                      Geothermal                                 DC Inverter Air to Water


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Residential Swimming Pool       Commercial Swimming Pool     Indoor Pool Conditioners 


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Air-Source Domestic Hot Water Tanks                     Buffer Tanks, Solar Tanks & Domestic Hot Water Tanks



Fan-coils                                             Heat Recovery & heat pump



Rooftop Package                                Air Handling Units


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To get detailed information on any of our products, please click on the relevant tab on the left of your screen. All of our heat pumps are rated at 0°C source/55°C output temperature.


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